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CSL541-60K Self-Leveling Electronic Grade Silicone Sealant/Adhesive

CSL 541 60K is primarily used in applications where a flowable, self-leveling silicone sealant/adhesive is required to fill small spaces


CSL541 60K is a one part, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV), moisture cure, 100% silicone.

CSL541 60K does not generate acetic acid or other corrosive by-products during cure, making it ideal for use in corrosion-sensitive electronics with no adverse effects.

CSL541 60K resists weathering, moisture, vibration, ozone, ultra-violet rays and temperature extremes. It has a useable temperature range of -60°C to 200°C (-76°F to 392°F).

CSL541 60K is recognized under the Components Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®, UL File No. E109726: Category QMFZ2 Plastic Component and QMFZ8 Plastic Component for Canada.

Features & Benefits:
• Neutral cure formulation, will not corrode copper, brass or silver
• Self-leveling with viscosity of 35,000 (± 5,000 cP), effectively flows to fill small spaces and is easy to rework and repair
• Safe to use on or all around electronics.

CSL541 60K is available in clear.

Applications include potting electrical terminals, circuit board protection, electrical connections, waterproofing electronics, sealing and bonding electronics.





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UL 2761 - 2011 Standard for the Sustainability for Sealants and Caulking Compounds