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CSL504 (Black) Hi-Temp Silicone Form-in Place Gasket Maker Sealant/Adhesive

CSL504 (Black) Hi-Temp Silicone Form-in Place Gasket Maker Sealant/Adhesive

Industrial purpose gasket maker and sealant/adhesive designed to provide reliable “formed-in-place” gaskets for mechanical assemblies in high temperature environments.


HighTempA resizeCSL504 is ideal for extreme heat applications where high levels of protection, adhesion, elasticity and longevity are desired.

CSL504 is designed to maintain maximum performance in a continuous temperature environment of 315°C (600°F), and intermittent exposure up to 343oC (650oF).

CSL504 gasket will remain permanently flexible even after 7 day continuous exposure to maximum temperatures.

CSL504 resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking or cracking.

CSL504 also provides excellent resistance to vibration and shock and severe weathering conditions.

•Extreme temperature performance
•Superior flexibility
•Replaces most cut gaskets
•Easy application
•Versatile sealant/adhesive

•Unaffected by extreme temperatures
•Resists moisture, vibration, mechanical and thermal shock
•Easily applied to complex geometries

CSL504 is an industrial gasket maker and sealant designed to provide reliable form-in-place gaskets for mechanical assemblies. CSL503 replaces almost any cut gasket and can be used to coat pre-cut gaskets to increase reliability. Typical applications include: automotive assembly, appliance gaskets, ductwork, fireplace seals, high temperature spacers, oven doors and flues on high temperature applications.

A high temperature sealant is also available in red (CSL503) and in a self-leveling formulation (CSL513).







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UL 2761 - 2011 Standard for the Sustainability for Sealants and Caulking Compounds