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Si-COAT® 579™ AC Anti-Corrosion Protective Coating

Si-COAT® 579™ AC Anti-Corrosion Protective Coating

A one coat, self-priming, anti-corrosion coating.


Si-COAT® 579® AC is a single component, moisture cure, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) coating that provides long-lasting protection from corrosion in above grade atmospheric applications in retrofit projects. Typical applications include structural steel, bridges, machinery and equipment, areas with heavy corrosion, tank exteriors, metal roofs, cladding, etc. Si-COAT® 579® AC is ideal where coverage is essential and high levels of protection, adhesion, elasticity and longevity are desired. Please contact your CSL representative for colour availability, minimum order quantities and applicable lead times.

Key Features:  
Easy One-Coat Application:  Self-priming single coat with minimal surface preparation (no abrasive blasting or profiling required) therefore - less time and labour costs.
Advanced Performance:  Long-lasting protection from corrosion (stops rust creep).
Cost Effective:  Apply less product (8-12 mils DFT) for superior protection.
UV Performance:  All colors are tested to withstand 5,000 hours of Accelerated Weathering (QUV); Color change <1 delta E CIE * Lab.
Flexibility:  High elasticity allows for flexibility of coating and allows for thermal expansion and contraction of surfaces.
When fully cured and washed Si-COAT 579 (Florida Blue only) meets the extraction limits stipulated in the FDA 21 CFR177.2600 for rubber articles in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.




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