High Voltage Insulator


Si-COAT® 570hs™ High Solids High Voltage Insulator Coating

Si-COAT® 570hs™ High Solids High Voltage Insulator Coating

High solid content, one-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) polysiloxane coating that is a solution to the problem of insulator flashovers.


Si-COAT® 570hs High Voltage Insulator Coating is a one-part, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) polysiloxane (silicone) high solids coating. It is engineered to provide a highly hydrophobic surface for its entire life, thus limiting leakage current and preventing flashovers due to insulator contamination. The high solids content of the material not only reduces the time required to build the desired film thickness, but also exceeds VOC requirements of most jurisdictions.

The coating is not affected by UV light, corona discharge, chemical contaminants, salt, extreme temperatures or corrosive environments.

Si-COAT 570hs HVIC is formulated with exact amounts of non-reactive, low molecular weight silicone and ingredients with precise particle sizes for optimum performance and reliability.


The benefits are twofold:

  • Superior retention of hydrophobicity, ensuring a tremendously long life span;
  • A more robust self-cooling mechanism to protect the surface from physical damage in the case of dry band arcing.

No heat is required to cure Si-COAT 570hs. This means the free fluid in the coating is not subject to further reactions during the curing process. Thus, more free fluid is available under actual field service, which dramatically enhances coating performance.

Si-COAT 570hs HVIC applies very smoothly and easily. This translates into a material saving and superior performance characteristics.

Standard colour is Clay Grey or White.  Custom colours may be available.







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