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Explore by Sector

CSL Silicones leadership in the polymerization and formulation of polysiloxanes enables the development of highly versatile and adaptable silicone sealants that meet the challenges of industries ranging from transportation and electronics, to construction and renovation.

CSL sealants have been engineered to provide long serviceable lifespan, versatility in application, and reliable performance under extreme and challenging conditions, processes, and applications.

CSL’s sealants provide excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces and are resistant to damage caused by exposure to extreme heat, extreme cold, harsh chemicals, rain, snow, salt spray, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and weathering. CSL’s sealants are not off-the-shelf products; rather each formulation was developed to address a specific customer need but carefully crafted for superior performance in a wider application base. Our products are sophisticated solutions that continuously exceed the needs of the world’s most demanding customers.

Visit us often as our research and development team is continually working on bringing leading edge products that address prevailing needs of our customers as well as “imagineering” new and exciting ways to push the forefront of what’s possible.

There’s a reason why our sealants are consistently asked for by name and are the choice of professionals the world over!

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