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'Speaker Series’ held at the John Oliver Auditorium

'Speaker Series’ held at the John Oliver Auditorium

From Left to Right: Faisal Huda, President/CEO - CSL Silicones Inc. (Sponsor), Stephen Cornish, Executive Director - DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS / Medecins Sans Frontieres, (MSF), Lisa Duranleau, representing 11 Privately Held, Oakville Independent Schools. (Sponsor)

Event: The Rotary Club of Oakville – ‘Speaker Series’, held at the John Oliver Auditorium, within the ‘recently opened’ Oakville Hospital.

Guest Speaker: Stephen Cornish, spoke of ‘A Year of Crisis and Hope’, where we are given a time to reflect on the challenges we face as humanitarians in an increasingly complex world, and hearing ‘first-hand’ accounts of MSF’s ‘on-the-ground’ work in delivering lifesaving care on the global ‘front-lines’.

Stephen Cornish, Executive Director: with MSF since 1996, an experienced leader in the humanitarian, international development and global-health sectors of the world, Steve has overseen the implementation of humanitarian medical responses in situations such as civil war, disease epidemics, natural disasters and malnutrition crisis. He has been heavily involved in negotiating humanitarian access in conflict settings.

Recognition Activity: Two separate $5,000.00 cheques were presented to; the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and The Oakville Hospital Foundation, in continuing global and community support efforts of both organizations, through The Rotary Club of Oakville Charitable Trust.

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