The Future


The Future

CSL future1

Building on its historical commercial successes in North America and around the world, CSL Silicones Inc. will continue to selectively invest in a manner that has strategic and innovative supply consequence for its growing base of client stakeholders, application partners, and distribution channel relationships.

CSL’s strategy for fostering ongoing growth is framed by a selective view of global silicone market opportunities. We understand the interrelationship between materials development and CSL future 2applications innovation, including increasing productivity and "valued cost" engineering. Through the pursuit and execution of our vision and mission, we will continue to provide evidence of our expanding reputation as an innovative application solutions provider.

CSL Silicones Inc. remains committed to building organically and through selective acquisitions supported by industry-leading silicone materials technologies. We seek the best-in-class employees who relentlessly push the boundaries of our commercial and technological development.