Message from the President


Message from the President

Huda-118At CSL Silicones, Inc. we take great pride in our accomplishments, including our legacy of distinguished results compared to those of our industry competitors. We evidence cost leadership in our chosen markets through the application of innovative material and applications technologies, while delivering the highest possible value propositions to our clients. Our multi-generational Canadian business heritage and enterprise core values form the basis of our current level of success. We realize that industry change is unavoidable and we choose to constantly challenge the status quo in pursuit of excellence across all aspects of our business.

For some companies, holding on to the status quo is preferable. However, this philosophy harmonizes neither with the spirit of CSL nor with our family of employees. Rather, we embrace a comprehensive understanding that people, businesses and organizations cannot change unless they wholly commit to it while being supported with the tools and accessible resources necessary to bring about the change process. This understanding balanced with employees that have the capacity and capability to embrace change with an open mind has led to exhilarating and highly rewarding results. In some cases, this can present game-changing, unparalleled opportunities for personal growth, career enrichment, and technological innovation. Upon reviewing the elemental factors associated with our industry as a whole, we remain steadfast in our determination to build an enterprise that will be held as the standard of excellence in all aspects of behaviour and achievements.

CSL is strongly committed to process disciplines, quality standards and a concern for the community. The reality is that tenets of strategic cooperation extend throughout the CSL organization and with clients, suppliers and other partners alike. Based on ethical business standards, we dedicate ourselves to serving client expectations, needs, wants and desires each day, while looking forward to adding strategic value to our business relationships on an ongoing basis.

On behalf of the employees of CSL and our stakeholders, we thank you for visiting our website, and are honoured by the confidence and trust you place in us through your existing and prospective business with CSL Silicones, Inc.

Faisal Huda

President & CEO

CSL Silicones, Inc.