What Our Employees are Saying


What Our Employees are Saying

Great outcomes are ... fulfilling your potential with a future career at CSL Silicones.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

    • "CSL is a great company to work for, as they truly care about their family of employees. After 25+ years of employment in multiple progressive assignments, each day remains a new challenge, yet the familiarity of our purpose and our high level of employee commitment remain the same. It is truly a friendly environment, yet continues to have single focus on product quality and the support of our valued customers." - Cindy


    • "After working at CSL for many years, I can say with confidence and pride that our manufacturing team is unmatched when facing challenges, irrespective of client size or project complexity. CSL's employee commitment to educational skills training and skills upgrading are continually evidenced, and I am a further example. I am as proud today as when I walked into the business many years ago, since my career and educational development have progressed simultaneously." - Troy


    • "I had the good fortune of entering into a rarified internship opportunity that was unique based upon my previous applied science experiences. The 6 month collaborative training approach, including my personal immersion into every facet of the business operation, has been a true blessing. As an applied research scientist, having an explicit knowledge of the business values, metrics and strategic methodology that shapes the behaviour of business decisions has given me a greater opportunity of business understanding and most importantly, how I can make a meaningful difference to business performance outcomes through applied analytical and research sciences. CSL, through its employee development, has proven to be a business that is unrelenting in its passion for sharing experiential knowledge, ongoing mentoring and coaching, and providing opportunities for career development and enrichment. Aligning research targets with client needs, both internal and external, now has a greater meaning." - Jocelyn


  • "The business environment is both stimulating and challenging as we seek out selective opportunities leveraging our materials science into application solutions. What is most personally compelling in this environment is how various personal cultures are embraced and melded into creative team efforts. The respectful values, people and environment keep me motivated and enthusiastic." - Enrique