Community Outreach


Community Outreach

Community: CSL Silicones Inc. has been located in the City of Guelph for over 30 years and our business and individual employee contributions have continued to make our community a better place to work, live and enjoy the full benefits of a progressive environment in support of families, while safeguarding our shared values and futures.

Recently, Guelph Sustainable Solutions Group (GSSG) asked local community leaders a simple question (as written by Chris Tiessen, (Publisher & Editor, col.lab.o.rate)

"What sustains Guelph for you?"
Here are excerpts of what they had to say:

'The music and arts scene in Guelph is incredible. I am never at a loss of a way of connecting with people. Guelph 'does' the social and cultural imperatives of Sustainability in spades! Jazz Festival, Hillside and Gallery tours are the big ones but there are so many others. In Guelph arts we have gone beyond Sustainability and we are now into 'Thrivability''. (Maurice Nelisher – Director of Sustainability, University of Guelph).

'The volunteers of the Guelph Hiking Trail Club are part of what sustains Guelph for me ... [They} have maintained [many} kilometers of trails in Guelph and Wellington County for over 40 years. They have built important relationships between local Government, the conservation authority and private landowners to establish trails that extend from Cambridge to Limehouse' (Mayor - Karen Farbridge).

'What sustains Guelph for me is the fact that my children know their hometown as a walkable place and a vibrant collection of people who do things together. Their home town is so much more to them than a scattering of houses, schools and stores, and it seems so important for children to feel this way about their home ... I often think that Guelph is Canada's village – it certainly feels that way when you look at our community through the eyes of a child'. (Rob McLean – Chair, Guelph Chamber of Commerce, and Owner Sociable Communications & Marketing).

'For me, environmental stewardship is a keystone for sustainability in growing cities like Guelph and so it is particularly notable when private companies based in our city make eco-friendly choices a watchword for their corporate social responsibility'. (Guelph MP- Frank Valeriote).

'What sustains Guelph for me is the variety of things to do. There is just always something going on in any season of the year, whether in organized festivals or just hanging out in one of Guelph's many spaces to enjoy music, food entertainment, friends, or just watch people'. (Lloyd Longfield – President & CAO Guelph Chamber).

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