Charitable Giving


Charitable Giving

“Making a lasting difference in the communities in which we serve, where what we do every day makes a difference.” Chris McConnery, Vice President, Operations.

CSL Silicones, Inc.’s corporate responsibility and community outreach program focuses on those areas that have lasting community values in areas of educational development, youth leadership and environmental stewardship. To those less fortunate, CSL Silicones, Inc. and its employees support those community-based registered charitable organizations that may, through empirical evidence, provide sustained commitments to those having the greatest need for food, clothing and shelter, irrespective of circumstances.

Echoing our City of Guelph community sustainable strategy for the environment, we are committed to fulfilling our role, ensuring our community is a great place to live, work, grow and play. We reach out to our neighbours, local educators, civic groups, charities and community leaders to advance education, corporate and social responsibility and general community contribution and civic awareness in the pursuit of improving quality of life. In this aspect, our fundraising efforts are focused on the selfless giving of employee business and personal time, as well as personal and business financial giving commitments.

With educational grants, bursaries and employee/employer matching financial gift contributions within the community, combined with employee direct hands-on help, we are taking concrete steps to improve our community’s quality of life.

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