Why is it Important to Properly Seal Windows and Doors?

Why is it Important to Properly Seal Windows and Doors?

Proper sealing of windows and doors is something that should never be overlooked. Using a good quality, silicone sealant can be very beneficial for protecting a home. Not only does properly sealing windows and doors with quality sealant help to increase the home’s longevity, but it also helps to keep the elements outside.

Increase Energy Efficiency

When doors and windows are properly sealed, heat and cold are kept inside during the respective winter and summer months. Improper sealing poses a risk of drafts, and ultimately makes it more difficult for heating and cooling systems to regulate temperature.

When heating and cooling systems are constantly working harder to regulate preferred temperature within the home, chances are that energy costs will increase. Not only will it be more expensive for your client to maintain, but it will also put more stress on the system than necessary. This could result in undesired repairs or replacements.

When comparing the long-term price of heating and cooling a home with improperly sealed windows, to the cost of sealing them, there’s little question that a contractor would prefer to invest in a quality, 100% silicone sealant, specifically formulated for windows and doors, such as one offered by  CSL Silicones Inc.  

Keep Nature Outside

As a contractor, properly sealing windows and doors will make all the difference, and your clients will be even more appreciative. Especially during rainstorms, foggy days, snowstorms and frosty nights. Over time, the moisture caused by the elements can be absorbed by the windows and doors. This can ultimately damage them from the inside out.

Bugs and other pests can be very resourceful. Unsealed windows and doors make it easy for little critters to invade a home. These pests can include:

  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Mosquitos

Not only will it keep insects from moving in, but it can also be beneficial to keep pollen and allergens outside. This can be extremely helpful for those who suffer from year-round or seasonal allergies. Mold can also pass through unsealed crevasses and if not treated can damage windows, doors, walls and floors.

Sealing windows and doors properly can also prevent street noise from entering a home. By sealing these cracks and crevasses the sound won’t be able to enter and homeowners can continue to enjoy the solitude and serenity of their home.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Doors and Windows

As previously mentioned, properly sealing your clients’ windows and doors can help to keep out the elements, contaminants and even bacteria. Once moisture and mold enter your home and begin to build up inside of your windows, doors and surrounding floors and walls, it can grow quickly and become expensive to treat.

A buildup of moisture gone untreated for a period of time can cause your window or door to begin to warp and lose shape. When properly sealed, deterioration slows down and you can enjoy your investment for much, much longer.

Premium, 100% Silicone Sealants from CSL Silicones Inc.

Keep your clients happy by using quality product to seal their windows and doors. CSL Silicones offers high-quality, 100% silicone sealants that are perfect for the job. Contact CSL Silicones today to find out more about sealing windows and doors so that you can keep your clients happy for a long time to come!