How to Protect my Building from Graffiti?

How to Protect my Building from Graffiti?

Building owners detest the idea of finding unwanted graffiti displayed on their property. Graffiti and tagging are illegal, costly, and can be quite unsightly. It is a huge nuisance for building owners and the local community. It can lower property values and give a negative atmosphere to the affected neighborhood.

There are a few things that building owners and the community as a whole can do to prevent graffiti.


Record, Report, Remove

If you find any graffiti on your building there are a series of steps you should take to remove it and help ensure that it won’t happen again. First, take a picture and document the date and time that you found the graffiti. Next, you should report it to local authorities. Not only are you reporting an illegal act, but you’re also getting involved in the community to help prevent unwanted graffiti.

Removal should be done as soon as possible. Acting within the first 24-48 hours is crucial to guard against repeated acts of graffiti incidents. For surfaces that have not yet been protected with a protective coating such as Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating, you may have to resort to chemical-based removal methods, which can be costly, time-consuming and harsh for the environment. However, once the graffiti is removed in this manner, it is recommended to look into a one-part, single-coat CSL Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating for future protection.


Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating

If you are trying to protect your building from graffiti, the first and most effective first step is to use an Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating. CSL Silicones Inc.’s Anti-Graffiti Protective Coatings are environmentally friendly, easy to apply and have a long lifespan. Only a single coat of the protective coating is required and can be applied using an airless sprayer, roller or brush. Any graffiti that is tagged onto this coating can be completely and quickly removed using a pressure washer (1200 psi) or a soft bristle brush and water. This eliminates the need for expensive and harsh chemicals to clear the graffiti. Rigorous testing has shown the solution to survive indefinite washes and will provide a long service life.

CSL offers several different Anti-Graffiti Protective Coatings to help protect your building. The coatings can be used to protect many different applications, such as:

  • Murals and wall art
  • Brick walls
  • Overpasses
  • School yards
  • Bus stops

The CSL protective coatings can be found online and specialists are available to answer any questions you may have about graffiti removal.


Graffiti Prevention Methods

Once your building is protected from graffiti with a CSL Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating there are a few other prevention methods you can take to deter graffiti artists. Taking added security measures like installing security cameras and adding motion-sensing outdoor lighting can be very valuable to your property. Having an increase in security can be beneficial to the overall safety of your building.

Adding greenery to the side of your building is another way to ward off graffiti artists. Planting bushes, shrubs, trees or wall-climbing vines leaves little accessibility to the bare wall. It also helps if the bushes have thorns or other features that would prevent graffiti artists from climbing in.

If you would like to get really creative, you could always beat them to it and turn your wall into a mural. Graffiti artists may be less attracted to a wall that is already filled with artwork and colour. Murals create a great opportunity for local artists to showcase their talent and can add character to neighborhoods.

There are many different steps that you can take to prevent graffiti artists from being attracted to your building. Preventing and removing graffiti is beneficial not just for your property, but for the community as a whole.

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